About this documentation

This is the documentation for Canonical's MAAS software. If you aren't sure what that is, you should probably skip everything else and head straight to the orientation section where it is explained. Like any software though, it can be frustrating if you don't know how bits of it work, how to achieve certain goals or what to do when things go wrong. Amongst its various sections, this manual aims to answer all those questions and plenty more you haven't even thought of yet.

Getting it

In a cunning move, the current documentation always lives, and is built from, the main MAAS source code (in the top-level docs/ directory). That means that whatever MAAS package you have installed, or even if you are really living life on the edge and have checked out a development version from Launchpad, this documentation should be the latest and most appropriate version for the software you are running. However, it is also possible that there have been additional sections, or more helpful and clearer bits added since the package you are using was made. For this reason you can always find the latest documentation online here: http://maas.ubuntu.com_.


If you have some extra information to add, or think you have spotted an error or something out of date, we really want to hear about it. Please File a bug report or contact us directly. In addition you can talk to us on the Freenode IRC channel [#maas][maas].

If you see something wrong with this documentation, you can help us fix it. Download the source to MAAS by following the instructions in the hacking guide, make your changes, and propose a merge against lp:maas on Launchpad. The documentation source lives in the top-level docs/ directory.

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