There are three ways to install MAAS:

  • From an Ubuntu Server ISO. Install a complete MAAS environment or a rack controller during the ISO installation of Ubuntu Server.

    • Recommended for new MAAS environments, especially for new users
    • Enables you to get started as quickly as possible
  • From packages. Install packages for individual MAAS components.

    • Versatile: Put components where you want them (centralized or distributed)
    • Can access developmental versions of MAAS
  • Locally with LXD. Create a self-contained MAAS environment with LXD containers.

    • MAAS nodes also run as local containers
    • Ideal for testing and experimenting with MAAS
    • Can access developmental versions of MAAS

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS systems running the MAAS 1.7 or 1.9 series can upgrade to MAAS 2.0 via an LTS-to-LTS upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.