Creating a machine

While on a pod's details view, select 'Compose' from the 'Take action' drop-down menu to compose a machine.

pod compose machine

You can choose which storage to use from a drop-down list.

Click the 'Compose machine' button when you're finished. MAAS will present the pod detail view. In a few moments, your new machine will be auto-commissioned. The 'Machines' page will reflect this as well.

The new machine's resources will be deducted from the pod's resources:

pod compose machine commissioning


Creating RSD machines in MAAS using the CLI is identical to creating KVM virtual machines. Please see Creating and deleting machines for more information.

Delete a machine

To delete a machine, simply delete it as you would any other MAAS node. Select the desired machine from the list of machines and select 'Delete' from the 'Take Action' menu.

pod decompose machine